The Patient Incident Learning And Reporting System

The Patient Incident Learning and Reporting System (PILARS) is a website for UK registered and student osteopaths to use as a learning resource. This platform enables you to anonymously report, view and comment on actual and potential patient incidents relating to osteopathic services, and learn from those experiences.

The platform can only be accessed with a username and password. The log in details can be obtained from the ozone, the General Osteopathic Council website for osteopaths and the secure members' area of Institute of Osteopathy website:

To Submit A Report/View Existing Reports, Login Above.


The Patient Incident Learning And Reporting System (PILARS) has been designed to enable osteopaths to report anonymously, share and discuss challenging experiences relating to practice-related incidents, patient safety, practitioner safety or adverse events associated with osteopathic care. This can all be done anonymously online. The information gathered from these reports will be analysed only by the research team at the National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR) in order to identify trends. The information will be fed back to the osteopathic profession to improve patient care, and highlight any recurring issues about which osteopaths should be aware. We hope that osteopaths will learn from each other, share helpful experiences of their own, and become more aware of situations and circumstances that may lead to the occurrence of adverse events or difficult incidents in practice.

We would like to reassure you that this forum is both secure and anonymous. It is intended to be educational and supportive for the profession. The forum is password protected, available for use only by registered osteopaths and students: this site is not available or intended for use by patients, the general public, or other healthcare professionals. There is no known way for users to be identified unless they specifically choose to do so. We will monitor the site and remove any identifiable data (of practices, practitioners or patients) should it arise. Please be careful to ensure complete anonymity when adding information to the site.

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Benefits of Reporting

Reporting and reflecting on experiences in an open and anonymous fashion can have a positive impact on patient care. It can help practitioners to avoid similar incidents in future, learn how incidents were managed from colleagues’ experiences, and allow us to gain valuable insight into potential incidents to help minimise risks to both patients and practitioners. The whole profession has an opportunity to learn from these experiences so one report may have the potential to produce positive effects for osteopaths who may encounter difficult situations in practice, and on the vast number of patients receiving osteopathic care. Improving patient care and participating in this reflective process can also benefit the osteopathic profession as a whole as we can become more insightful and pro-active healthcare professionals.

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The forum can only be accessed with a username and password. The log in details can be obtained from the o zone, the General Osteopathic Council website: General Osteopathic Council o zone Section, or the secure members' area of the Institute of Osteopathy website: Institute of Osteopathy Members Area (coming soon)

This is to ensure that only registered osteopaths have access to the forum. The username and password will be the same for everyone to help ensure that users of the forum cannot be identified. Additionally, in the interest of security, the login details will be changed on a regular basis, so you may need to retrieve new log in details from the above websites periodically if you wish to view the site or add a contribution.

If for any reason you experience difficulty accessing these details, then please get in touch with us via the feedback form on this site’s homepage. The information provided in the forum will be stored within a secure database, which is independent from the NCOR website, or any other osteopathic group. For those who are familiar with IP addresses, the IP address of the computer from which a report has been submitted is not stored to disk. The RAM cache that might be able to carry this information is emptied continuously, therefore leaving it impossible to identify individuals submitting reports.

Osteopaths who submit incidents and comments to PILARS understand that data will be used for research purposes by the National Council for Osteopathic Research. Reports will be produced for the osteopathic profession, and salient information may be made available publicly, while preserving the anonymity of osteopaths and their patients.

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Reporting Guide

What is an incident?
In this context, an incident is an undesirable or unexpected experience related to osteopathic practice. Incidents can include events which may be related to patient care, or they may relate to other events you experience as a practitioner, or aspects of running your practice. To help you choose the appropriate category for an event you can view the Example of Events PDF. Examples of Events PDF.

An incident is defined as any type of patient safety event, error, accident or deviation from the norm that either:

actually happened: represented by PILARS as a red traffic light, or ;
nearly happened: represented by PILARS as an amber traffic light, or
has the potential to happen: represented by PILARS as a green traffic light

Terms and Conditions
Before you submit a report we require you to acknowledge and understand the following points:

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We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the help, advice and guidance that the chiropractic profession has given us, in particular Dr Rob Finch- The Royal College of Chiropractors and Professor Haymo Thiel – Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. The chiropractic profession have developed a site called CPIRLS for the online reporting of and learning from adverse events and this has helped us greatly in the development of this site.

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Feedback Form

Please use this feedback form to provide us with any feedback relating to this website, its format, content, and ease of use. Please note that this feedback form is not to be used for reporting events of any kind. If you have an enquiry unrelated to this site you can contact us via the main NCOR website:

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